Chami様の自己PR WEBサイトです!(ありがとうございます!)





Chami-san, who says “I am starting to teach Japanese
little by little to non-Japanese people.”,
ordered me to create her PR WEB SITE from a long distance!
(Thank you so much!)

She ordered me the Japanese taste of WEB Site, so I chose the Kyoto pics to decollate the web site header, where she does tour guide.

In addition, she ordered me to create the PR VIDEO to use it on the CAFE TALK 
and she uploaded on Youtube.

She gave me a feedback later that it is really useful to PR herself.

When I input the progress some times until finishing the creation,
she told me “You have a good taste!” “It is really cool!” 
and the words made me so happy and positive.

Currently, she maintains the WEB SITE by herself after I took over the operating procedure.


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